Intimadating body language

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Also - Maybe i'm slow, but the course took more than 40 hours for me.

I took extensive notes and maybe that is what slowed me down.

Once I started the course, however, I felt a lot different about it.

Nadine did a great job of helping us feel comfortable with the software and we were sketching/writing estimate items in no time.

I think that is the number one reason some folks couldn't keep up.

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I wish the class had been another day or two, but for beginning withthe Xactimate software, the basics were covered and that in itself is going to be alot of help! But otherwise I do feel that the course was informative and I do now possess a more than passing understanding of Xactimate and how it works.

Before taking the course, I felt very insecure with my recent licensure, but this course help to fit the puzzle pieces of adjusting together and gave me confidence in what I will be doing.

The instructor, Nadine Bisson, was extremely patient and knowledgeable with this program. I would recommend this course to any person recently licensed as an adjuster. She covered all of the basics of Xactimate, and provided us with much needed information regarding shortcuts, and how she would have done something had it been in "real life." Nadeen was unbelievable in her knowledge, but even more so with her patience. I would HIGHLY recommend that Adjuster Pro makes dual monitors a must for students.

This would help keep all students moving forward at the same pace.

For example, I had 2 instances, as did severalother students, wheremy screen or the programtemporarily "Froze" and I was unable to stay up with the class until the hour break where the instructor helped correct the issue.

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