Highly intelligent men dating partnertreff Erfurt

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Advita Bihani points out that highly intelligent people tend to have a great sense of humor. One study found that people who wrote funnier cartoon captions scored higher on measures of verbal intelligence.

Another study found that professional comedians scored higher than average on measures of verbal intelligence.

Intelligence depends on being able to change your own behaviors in order to cope more effectively with your environment, or make changes to the environment you're in.

The smartest folks are able to admit when they aren't familiar with a particular concept.

Zoher Ali writes that smart people are able to overcome impulsiveness by "planning, clarifying goals, exploring alternative strategies and considering consequences before [they] begin." Scientists have found a link between self-control and intelligence.

In one 2009 study, participants had to choose between two financial rewards: a smaller payout immediately or a larger payout at a later date.

In a conversation the other day, a friend of mine implied that he was single because he was too smart.

Results showed that participants who chose the larger payout at a later date — i.e., those who had more self-control — generally scored higher on intelligence tests.

The researchers behind that study say that one area of the brain — the anterior prefrontal cortex — might play a role in helping people solve tough problems and demonstrate self-control while working toward goals.

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it probably had more to do with the fact that he looks like the secret love child of Rick Moranis and a woodland creature. Foresight, in and of itself, is basically just the ability to analyze a situation, recall relevant past experiences, and make an educated assessment of the future possibilities of the situation.

Alas, being single myself, I wondered to myself, “does being smart make it harder to find love? I’m not saying that if you’re in love that you are stupid. Apply that mentality to a relationship and you get situations where smarter people are quicker to duck out of a relationship at the first sign of trouble.

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