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My name is Evgeniya, I live in the best city on light - Bishkek . Probably, it is necessary to tell a little about itself... This allows for a development of the characters and emphasizes the drama of the plot despite its relative simplicity.

I recieved an email exactly as the one tom recieved.i will try to send them to you but i'm not very good on the computer.

I have not sent her a reply or told her that Ive found her out to be a fraud.

If there is any course of action that you need me to take vis a vis Eveginya please let me know and i must thank you for your site as i have not sent any money to her nor will I,i can't seem to attach it if you could help i will keep them for a while let me know what to do. I am attaching a recent photo of me for your information and consideration.

In general it is possible to tell, that I very sociable person.

I adore the friends (them a little, but all of them are checked up by years).

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